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Power of Attorney


Based in Indiana, I serve the residents of the whole Indianapolis metro area.
What Drives Me


One thing I love about being an attorney is the fact that I can help people get through complex legal problems that are often very stressful and scary.  I strive to provide the best quality legal representation through open and prompt communication.  I worked hard for many years going to law school at night while working full time and helping raise a family and because of this, I value and cherish the degree and title I have earned.   Through this time, I also learned a valuable lesson about how hard work and determination go a long way to ensure success in life.  I will apply this lesson of hard work to help ensure the success of each of my clients.

My Client Promise

1.  I will be open, honest, and prompt in my communciation to each client I serve.  I understand that nobody likes getting the "run-around" and nobody likes to wait unreasonable amounts of time to hear back on an important matter.


2.  Fair and flexible billing.  Times are tough.  I will do my best to work with you to help ensure a fair, upfront, and flexible billing process.


3.  Committed to your success & satisfaction.  I take failure personally.  I also understand the power of satisfied clients who may retain my services in the future or may provide referrals to friends and neighbors.  I am committed to seeing that your legal needs are resolved successfully and to your satisfaction.

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​​Dan Jackson


  • Received Bachelor's in Business in 2004.


  • Received M.B.A. in 2006.


  • Graduated from Indiana University McKinney School of Law 2012.


  • Admitted to the Indiana Bar in 2013.

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